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Coverjunkie Arem Duplessis
Coverjunkie Arem Duplessis

Maybe you've heard Arem Duplessis (design director New York Times Magazine) is leaving New York Times for a company called Apple.

Cause of this i like to post my interview with Arem that appeared
one year ago in The Coverjunkie Magazine


New York Times Mag / October 2007 :
“For this cover we were brainstorming ideas for our annual New York issue. The theme was based around the extreme wealth in the city at that time (pre-recession). We needed something that was iconic of New York, and went through all of the obvious – the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, hot dogs, the Statue of Liberty, etc. Finally, we decided on a manhole cover and by spray-painting it gold it covered both ends. The grittiness of New York matched with the extravagance”
photography Vik Muniz

New York Times Mag / May 2011 :
“K.I.S.S. or Keep It Simple,
Sucker is the theme for this cover. Set in small type, the headline reads “What Happened to Air France Flight 447?” and we set it over a photo of the ocean. Hard to tell here but we used a metallic silver kiss plate to give the cover some sheen. Kudos to our editor Hugo Lindgren for this one. Most editors would have insisted that the type be set at 150 pts. Not everything has to scream to have an impact”.
Photographer: Tom Sandberg

New York Times Mag / Sept 2007 :
“I’m proud of this cover, mostly
because we crafted it by hand; there’s no Photoshop involved whatsoever. It was a themed issue on College, and the idea was for it to look like a dorm room bulletin board at the end of the semester. We must have designed over 100 fake flyers for this one. It was incredibly fun. It’s one of my top favorites.”
photography Tom Schierlitz

New York Times Mag / April 2010 :
“I just love the energetic spirit of this one. We hired a bunch of model/experienced gymnast types and shot them bouncing on a trampoline. It was great fun. I literally could have watched them for hours. And not for the reasons you’re thinking...”
photography James Welling

New York Times Mag / Dec 2004 :
“This was one of my first concept covers at The Times. I had a great feeling about it, even in the brainstorming sessions. Once we came up with the idea it immediately developed. In my experience, success generally happens right away. The long, drawn out ideas usually get watered down.”
illustrators Nicholas Blechman, Christoph Niemann, Brian Rea. photographer Zach Scott

New York Times Mag / Nov 2013 :
“This was one of our most recent covers, and I’m pretty sure my favorite of all time. I’ll admit that I was stuck on an idea for this one when our editor Hugo came into my office saying he wanted 1,028 little people on our cover illustrating the exchange of prisoner Gilad Shalit for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners. I loved the idea and moved forward in concepting it.
After considering several artists I settled on Tim Enthoven. We only had 3 or 4 days, and based on his work he seemed crazy enough to take it on.
And crazy he is! He illustrated all 1,028 people, never repeating any of them! I used the cover line as a metaphorical divide between the two sides, and the end result is pretty great in my opinion.”


- Playboy (US):
“Art Paul, the founding Art Director of Playboy Magazine, is on my list for sure. If you google image his name you’ll see some amazing work, al-
though it is hard to find it all in one place. I had the pleasure of speaking to him over the phone from his home in Chicago, and he was nice enough to send me some of his covers. I could have easily expanded my picks by adding every single one of them. But instead I choose this one. Why? Because he made Bunny Ears out of a playmates legs, that’s why.”

- Rolling Stone (US):
“No list is complete in my book without mentioning the bril-liant work of Fred Woodward. He’s another reason that I got into this industry. We all know what he’s done at GQ, but if you go back a decade his work at Rolling Stone still holds, not to mention Texas Monthly.”

- Esquire (US):
“This is one of my favorite George Lois covers. I love it because it’s one big fabrication. They staged the entire thing, and there’s no disclaimer on the cover! You gotta love the good old days. Imagine trying to pull that off today; you’d get sued from every angle imaginable.”

- New York (US):
“Luke Hayman’s rejuvenation of New York Magazine was one of the most memorable redesigns of our time. Chris Dixon not only continued it, he made it sing. This Kruger cover is just one small example of the extraordinary work he assigned.”

- Vibe (US):
“When Vibe Magazine first launched in the early 1990s I thought it was the best thing I’d ever seen. Led by Gary Koepke (CD), Richard Baker (AD) and George Pitts (DP), it really was the reason that I got into magazines in the first place. The type was always smart, clean and inventive, and the photography was brilliant and daring.”

And read here all about the move from NYTMag to Apple.

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