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Arem Duplessis' favs 2011
Arem Duplessis' favs 2011

Maybe you've heard Arem Duplessis (design director New York Times Magazine) is leaving New York Times for a company called Apple.

Cause of this i like to post my interview with Arem that appeared
one year ago in The Coverjunkie Magazine


- Domenica (Italy):
Its nice how they fabricated these organic objects to give them more of a geometric form. The colors really pop and I like the use of type and imagery. Im sure it was all well thought out but the final execution feels very natural.

- The Gentlewoman (Netherlands):
"I love the simplicity of this cover: the line is short and it says everything you need to know. Im also crazy about the black and white portrait matched with that beautiful blue background.

- ESPN (US):
Im really into this image. The two divers against that blue cloudy sky is certainly very memorable. The logo type in a transparent red was a great choice. It pops without getting in the way.

- Vanity Fair (US):
This cover is just beautiful in every way. Its never easy getting this much type on a cover and they managed to do it with elegance. But what really stands out is the beautiful portrait of Angelina Jolie.

- Hot & Cool (UK):
This cover is just so damn simple and thats what makes it fantastic. Its cool and confident. Just perfect for a hip little fashion title.

- Complex (US):
Sexy type, sexy cover. What more can I say?

- Form (Switzerland):
Love the volcano smoke rising out of the collar. Not sure what it means, but it looks very cool.

- Complex (US):
This cover is dope for two reasons. (1) Im a big Rick Ross fan and (2) it made me laugh. Great concept.

- New York Magazine (US):
I love the great big hair matched with the great big type on this New York cover. Its an eye-catcher for sure

- Little White Lies (UK):
Im not sure how this cover was executed but its pretty damn beautiful. It just glows and I love how the imagery interacts with the logo.

And read here all about the move from NYTMag to Apple.

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