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COVER (China)
COVER (China)

Now here's something i'm pretty excited about (to say the least)

I rarely see ace design stuff all the way from China, but it's def there...
check out new COVER magazine.
This looks very enthusiastic, very stylish & very graphic, love this!

Their new issue features...
"Mag of the Year": Bloomberg Bizweek
"Highlight of the Year": oh yes that's Coverjunkie (funny to see me in Chinese)
"Artist of the Year": Noma Bar
"Goodbye of the Year": Newsweek

Not only their new issue but also got a chance to see and feel their older stuff; does not get any better for design freaks.
Lots of different paper used, cut outs, fold-outs, inserts. I'm impressed, hope it continues for new issues!

Their website is under construction, here their Sina Weibo page (sort of Chinese Facebook, dont think its gonna work this part of the world though

It's made by two creators/founders:
- Design Director: Ltrichard (Hangzhou, founder of DesignUnited )
- Editor in Chief: Mazzybox ( Beijing, Art Director of NYTimes in China),
he explains to me:
"COVER Sticking to the spirit of Graphic Authorship and breaking the boundaries between business communication and design vs critics.
COVER is a reading handset on paper. Itʼs a summarization and reorganization of current thoughts,opinions, vision and culture, as well as a rendering and decoding process of illustrated ciphers.
COVER presents a 2.0 point of view carried by page turning, scent of printing ink and layers of images.
Every season, COVER is Collective Intelligence, culture jamming, interesting and intriguing ……"

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COVER (China)
COVER (China)
COVER (China)
COVER (China)
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