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Special Request (UK)
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Special Request (UK)

New mag!
Premier cover Special Request, looks good, type is gold foil blocked.

Cover photo Dan Wilton
Creative Director: Paul Sethi
Editors in Chief: Paul Sethi & Thomas Viney
Editorial Director: Thomas Viney
Publisher: Marc Sethi

"It is too simple a thing to look at one part of a culture – food or art or vintage cars or those people who describe expensive coffees as having “grassy notes” – when a culture is the combination of many different things working in concert.

With this in mind we’ve launched a journal which looks at the entire human experience piece by piece; subjecting it to sometimes forensic, sometimes scathing, sometimes interesting analysis from the world’s finest minds (these obviously outsourced).

Our first issue looks at the culture of food. This is not to say we will be discussing what may come after the cupcake, or microbial terroir. We will not be thinking long and hard about the merits and demerits of sea-water foams. We will not use the word ‘mouthfeel’.

So, having established what the magazine does not contain, here’s what it does: this first issue is full of interesting essays, editorials, interviews, shoots and stories that revolve in some way (often the slightest and weirdest way) around food. The consumables.

FEATURING: Geoff Dyer, Jonathan Meades, Sam Lipsyte, Jacob Holdt, GZA, Nuno Mendes, Thomas Bayrle, Coolio, Jessica Ennis, John C. Reilly, Daisy Lowe, Stanley Donwood, Florence Welch and many many more."
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